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Friday, February 5, 2010

Where can I find you?

I gathered all the poetry books I could find.
Skimmed them through and through
Over and above, I searched for anything about Love.
I found very little, in words archaic, almost brittle:
Not expressive of what I feel about you, everyday.
You're like a page I don't want to turn at all.
A hanging glass egg that should not fall
I gleam at your words and whenever I'm through,
Reading seems just the right way to construe
Your eternal thoughts, your ever-fleeting glances
I learn about you just as the day advances.
From page to page I win your confidence
That every time you speak, you cadence:
Long, short, short, short, long, long...
For you, my dearest, I do long.
And now, I find no poem can
Ever mean the words I plan
To tell you most, the things I share
From my heart's most intimate affair.
I find my world at peace with you
Always when the nearer to
You I am. I am you

5 February 2010