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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Spiegel im Spiegel (Mirror within Mirror)

Spiegel im Spiegel.
Mirror within Mirror.
It's easily my favorite piece of music; so sparse, so elegant, yet so minimalist, so glass-like.
An embryo that opens up, bursting like a water-filled balloon, slowly shedding its water to parched elements like grass and sand.

It's a dance, a wave, an open invitation to sway and feel rejuvenated with the somber melody of the cello against the pointillist strains of the piano.

I await a straightforward line of music, but am given mounds upon mounds of these waves, shattering the silence and overall moistening the sky with heavenly, heavenly, faintness.

Dear one, I hear you crying. Why? Is it me? Is it my voice? Do you hear it?
I laugh. Laugh at your quirks, enjoy your boister, feel your smirking.
Even if the sound is blurred, you cry instantly upon the sound of my voice. My happy voice.
I adjoin our voices. I scream, gleefully.

Like a chirping bird, afraid to lose its chatter.
I'm afraid to lose you. Oh, dear one.
I speculate the day you die, when I cry.
Crying gracefully, but excruciatingly painfully.

Or gone away.
Or lost.
Or found by another.

You say it is not the distance, but the quality of the sound that matters.
Even at far ends, soft glistening voices shatter silences.

I love you for your music. The music calls me beloved.

I hear the last strains and feel as if I'm lifted up.
Like that water-filled balloon, that just is splashed around, flung to the heavens.

Please think of me always, even at our distance.
Love is just around the corner. Wait let's not.

Open my aggrieved soul.
Right now.

Feel my legato, upon your staccato.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Sabi mo techno ang tawag sa mga kamunduhan ng facebook, twitter, email, blog, at kung anu-ano pa. 
Kaya nagpaka-techno ako ngayong gabi dahil alam kong matutuwa ka rin.
Malamig dito sa Baguio, maraming magandang tanawin, sa totoo lang.
Ngunit iba ang init ng tawa mo, o di kaya bungisngis at halakhak mong di mapapantayan ng mga tunog ng mayang nagsisiliparan sa paligid.
Dati rati sumusulat ako ng tula sa isang papel na makulay, tinatalian ng laso at isinusuksok sa isang magarbong tubo. 
Ibibigay ko sana ito sa aking irog, ngunit, hindi ito nagkataon.
Ngayon, sa mga panahong ito, ang mga sulat ko ay nasa isang kalawakang di maihahalintulad sa papel, ngunit sa isang unibersong matinik at mabilis magkalat ng impormasyon.
Kaya sa tuktok ng isang bundok sa Baguio, ako ay natutong mag-twitter.
Maginaw talaga, tulad ng iced tea na bumubuhos sa isang uhaw na lalamunan. 
Ngunit ang pakiramdam ko ay maluwag, masaya, magaan nang parang balahibo, dahil tayo ay nagtatalakayan.

Ano ba't nakita kita sa terminal ng bus patungo sa ating mga paroroonan.

Tinawagan kita gamit ang techno kong cp at sumagot ka na mang
walang malay at naghahagilap sa techno mong cp upang pakinggan ang boses ko, na nagsabing narito ako, nakatingin sa iyo.
Gulat ka, feeling stalker ako, ngunit dahil sa techno ay parang nagkita at nagkausap na rin tayo nang malapitan.
Nagpaalaman na tayo dahil parating na ang ating mga bus. 
Di mo lang alam na nakangiti ako mula Cubao hanggang Benguet...nakakatuwa.

Techno, techno, pano ka ginawa?

Magpasalamat na lang tayo kina Gates at Jobs sa lahat ng kanilang ginawa upang mapalapit tayo sa isa't isa.
Sabi nila mabuti ang teknolohiya upang gumaan at umunlad ang buhay, ngunit maaari rin namang maging peligro sa buhay ng iba.
Pero sa akin, ang techno ay hindi lamang rosas na nagsisimbolo ng pagmamahal ngunit pati ng halimuyak nito ay parang yakap na di madaling malimutan.

Ayan na ang leon na itim sa Kennon.

Status ka na, tweet na ako.
Message sent.

Kita tayo muli.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

s o f t l y

softly, I will leave you, softly
for my heart will break, if you should wake and see me go
so, I'll leave you, softly
long before you miss me, long before your arms can beg me stay for one more hour, for one more day, after all the years
I can't bear the tears to fall so softly
as I leave you there

-a. de vita

Monday, March 8, 2010


There may be a reason for our distance.
A portion of memory suggests that we shared a good time together.
I would like to think the summer was too warm for your soft skin,
the lights too blinding for your crystal eyes,
the stories too epic for your imagination.
But in all of this, I am sure.
I am certain:
that we will go on this way like always
that you will see what you want to see
and feel what you want to feel
While I lose choices each day, wanting to feel, but having no reason to
I will pursue my little dream
Of having you in my life
Of bringing your soul into my seeking
Of lavishing your heart with mine.

I do not wish to part.
This is only the beginning of my sojourn into you.
This only cements the void of my person into yours.
Make swift these moments that carry my faith with you.
I promise only greater strength by which we would withstand

this distance.

8 March 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Eureka! (a third Valentine offering)

Eureka! I found you!
You are not in some silly old house where nothing hangs but a sad painting
Or a dry, cold bank where you touch the bills with such delicate fingers
You are not in Mcdonald's, where I sat for moments waiting
Or at my home where your scent lingers
You're just in one place I am happy with
Tucked in a labyrinth of tangled giddy
That sort of place where I put all my pillows, the softest yet
And listen to nightingales dreamily chirping their refrains
I hope that the air conjoins with the mist in achieving your lightest breath
And even melt the overlaying sleet
Eureka! Eureka! My dearest one
You're here, you're here
Away from sight
But in my only heart.

13 February 2010, twilight

Friday, February 5, 2010

Where can I find you?

I gathered all the poetry books I could find.
Skimmed them through and through
Over and above, I searched for anything about Love.
I found very little, in words archaic, almost brittle:
Not expressive of what I feel about you, everyday.
You're like a page I don't want to turn at all.
A hanging glass egg that should not fall
I gleam at your words and whenever I'm through,
Reading seems just the right way to construe
Your eternal thoughts, your ever-fleeting glances
I learn about you just as the day advances.
From page to page I win your confidence
That every time you speak, you cadence:
Long, short, short, short, long, long...
For you, my dearest, I do long.
And now, I find no poem can
Ever mean the words I plan
To tell you most, the things I share
From my heart's most intimate affair.
I find my world at peace with you
Always when the nearer to
You I am. I am you

5 February 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Some nights ago, I dreamed of you
And you appeared, you
Spoke to me of sweet nothings
But gave me much of everything
That I wanted, that I really, really wanted
The warmth of a soul, the caress of the heart
Made me so much for you never to part
Hoping our time together would be
So much more time to be free
Rather it made us long for each other
And made us have to meet a time another
A moment specially made for you and me
A lifetime that we hope would be
Forever and a day
Tomorrow and all way
Never needing
Ever heeding
You and I
Only fly the sky
Like the eagles
Passing by

for Aris 28 Jan 2010