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Monday, March 8, 2010


There may be a reason for our distance.
A portion of memory suggests that we shared a good time together.
I would like to think the summer was too warm for your soft skin,
the lights too blinding for your crystal eyes,
the stories too epic for your imagination.
But in all of this, I am sure.
I am certain:
that we will go on this way like always
that you will see what you want to see
and feel what you want to feel
While I lose choices each day, wanting to feel, but having no reason to
I will pursue my little dream
Of having you in my life
Of bringing your soul into my seeking
Of lavishing your heart with mine.

I do not wish to part.
This is only the beginning of my sojourn into you.
This only cements the void of my person into yours.
Make swift these moments that carry my faith with you.
I promise only greater strength by which we would withstand

this distance.

8 March 2010

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